Google Invests $94 Million In Clean Energy Solar Projects

Search engine virtual monopoly Google claims to have invested $94 million dollars of new money in four solar power (photovoltaic or PV) projects under construction by Recurrent Energy. The cheery announcement was made on the Goliath’s blog. If you detect some cynicism in my tone you are tuned to the right frequency.

Personal experience teaches that Google often acts without congruence to its trumpeted ethos and that it will kill projects like Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal whenever it wants. Thus a careful observer will view this news with a gigantic block of salt.

The investment was not really that bold. According to Google, “The energy produced by these projects is already contracted for 20 years with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).” Way to be an innovator Google.

How about spending less time filing patents on driverless cars and investing in sure bets to put real money into Apollo-like efforts to get a hydrogen highway infrastructure in place or improve the price/performance of EV batteries or develop gasoline-speed-like re-charging technologies for electric cars?

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