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BP Spills On Solar Biz This Time

Gulf of Mexico lubricator BP aka British Petroleum apparently has announced they are dumping their solar panel (photovoltaic or PV) business this time. On who or what remains to be seen. I say apparently, because while it is being reported … Continue reading

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Solar Airplane Lands After 24 Hour Flight

The electric airplane Solar Impulse has completed a 24 hour flight for the first time. This is a major accomplishment for the effort to be the first flight around the world powered entirely by electricity captured by photo voltaic (PV) … Continue reading

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Welcome to Clean Energy Facts

Glad to have you here. We are just getting started but expect us to share with you our unvarnished opinions and explanations on all aspects of clean energy in industry, transportation and residential systems. “Clean Energy Facts” and “CleanEnergyFacts.com” are … Continue reading

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Hydrogen Fuel Prize – H-Prize Act of 2006

Count on the Congress of the United States to close the gate after the horse has left the barn. With climate change (aka global warming) not only in your face, but your backyard, front yard, living room and kitchen, assuming … Continue reading

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Linking Instructions

Okay, first things first. Unless you are ready to cough up some money, we only link to those folks that link to us in return (and first – get it in place before you write us). And we don’t link … Continue reading

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